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Why Should You Care?

Phishing is on the Rise

Technology & Algorithms can't Protect you 100%

Billions of phishing emails and texts are sent daily targeting consumers and businesses. Even with advances in technology and protection by various providers, you remain the last line of defense against fraudsters and criminals.

Remaining in Active State to Reduce Your Risk

We offer curated training to help you understand phishing better, simulations to test your knowledge over time, an email add-in to supplement your learning with insights (Available if you access email with Outlook desktop and mobile).

Tiers to Fit Everyone's Budget

We understand that people might have different needs. While cost might not be an issue for few, our mission is to provide accessibility for all to learn. Select a tier that fits your needs and budget.


Phishing accounts for around 90% of data breaches.

CISCO’s 2021 Cybersecurity threat trends report suggests that at least one person clicked a phishing link in around 86% of organizations.

Stay Alert and Aware to Protect Your Identity & Financials.

Criminals target everyone. Whether you are an individual, a small business or a larger organization, learn regularly with scheduled events to make sure you stay informed and secure.

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